Make You Own Wrapping Paper

Saturday saw Baby Boy going to his first non family Birthday party. We had managed to find a gift that we thought was suitable and fun and took it home eager to wrap it up and take to the party being held a few hours later. I went upstairs to get the stash of wrapping paper that we have and for some unknown reason couldn't find it anywhere. I think I swore, but as I was alone upstairs there was just me to hear so it was okay! I decided that rather go out and buy a roll of wrapping paper (this was more than a two sheet of paper job) that we would wrap it with brown paper and then decorate it ourselves, to make our own. Top Ender and Baby Boy were most pleased with the suggestion and I made a quick drawing on the side as seen below!

Our Finished Gift

Baby Boy wanted me to draw a muddle puddle (bottom left) and Top Ender wanted me to draw some wildlife (Owl in the tree, Squirrel on the tree and a duck on the pond) and I think that our wrapping paper was not only unique but the coolest on the present table! The back was mainly coloured in by Baby Boy and the front by Top Ender. As you can see they were both pleased to pose with their creations!

Baby Boy with his sideTop Ender with her side

I think that we might make our own wrapping paper for everything for now on as it was so much fun!