Making Chores Fun - Clean the Fridge

There are some chores which make everybody happy once they are done and Cleaning the Fridge is one of those chores for our household. I think having a nice clean organised fridge sets the tone for the kitchen and it also allows Baby Boy and I some time to talk about where our food comes from. That's right just like when he helps out doing the dishes, I find a way to make it a learning experience for him (or Top Ender if she is around!). I'm not talking about the weekly clean out of half eaten bowls of food, and the emptying of the mouthful of juice left in bottles but the proper remove everything from the fridge deep clean.

The first thing we do is to check dates; Baby Boy likes to pull everything out and discuss the shapes of the containers and we will of course make sure that we recycle the containers. We like to pretend that we have found things that are really valuable on a excavation and so of course we have to carefully wash off the dirt that has collected. Luckily Baby Boy lets me do the careful washing and he is more happy giving the outside of the fridge a good wipe down (with the magnets removed first!).

After we have washed and dried the shelves, the inside of the fridge, the front of the fridge and the door seals (mine always has crumbs in it, goodness knows how) we have to put everything back in to the fridge, and into what we think is the most logical order. This always sparks debate between Baby Boy and I as he is convinced that I am always wrong. Lucky for me I am still taller than Baby Boy and so slotting things into where I think appropriate isn't an issue!

And there you have it, a clean fridge, a happy Mummy and a happy Baby Boy who will tell anybody that asks that his Chicken was free range don't you know.