Trees - The Gallery

This week the gallery theme is on Trees. Those who have read Tara's blog before will know that she has a bit of a thing about them. Now don't get me wrong, I like Trees just not to the extent that Tara likes trees. There are however three trees that mean a lot to me. I first talked about me three fruit trees last July. I was so pleased because my Pear tree was bearing fruit! The fruit that it was bearing tasted horrid, but it bore fruit!
The Gallery Badge

Everyday I look out to the trees as I am doing the dishes or as I am baking, or when I am watching Baby Boy and Top Ender run around the garden. I love seeing how they change, as the buds of new leaves start to form and as the blossom then takes over the whole tree and the bees buzz around pollinating and collecting nectar.

My Apple Tree

My Plum Tree

My Pear Tree

There aren't many tree's that I would consider giving a hug, but my apple tree, my plum tree and my pear tree are three that I would consider hugging!