What do you see when you look at me? 1 Word Meme

I was minding my own business and reading through the 30 or so blogs I try to read on a daily basis (on top of the posts I see mentioned on Twitter and if you think I should be reading you then let me know in the comments) when I got to Rosie Scribble. She had been passed a meme (created by Mummy From The Heart) which asks for the commenter's on the blog post to describe Rosie in one word.
One Word Meme

I sat there pondering for a second what word I would use to describe Rosie. She is incredible, great fun, has a great sense of humour, a wonderful mother, a brilliant friend and to say that she is inspirational is an understatement. I couldn't think of just one word to describe Rosie, so I decided to think for a moment. Whilst I was thinking about Rosie, I thought of a time when a I took part in a similar game. There was a young lady in this group that seemed to hate me and even though I was a few years older than her it really irked me. I don't like to be disliked. Anyway this girl wrote;

PippaD is Vivacious

It was the first time anyone had called me vivacious. I knew what the word meant, I knew that this girl wasn't being mean and I felt comfortable with myself. That young girl is now a mother too and I see her on Facebook quite a bit and every time I do I remember what she called me and it makes me smile.

And then I realised I knew what word to use for Rosie. Yes she is vivacious, inspirational, fun, incredible. You see...

Rosie Scribble is Remarkable

Then I realised that Rosie had tagged me... so I am asking you to tell me what positive word you think describes me and I am tagging;

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I think all six ladies are bloody brilliant, but I think that they might like to hear you all tell them too.