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That Tara Cain is a tricky one she is. This week for the gallery she wanted us to come up with just three words. You know to sum up our picture. So not only do we have to take a fab picture (well if we want to join in) but we have to have three words to describe the situation or the photo. Right now Tara's three words to me are "Shut Up Pippa" or possibly "Stop Complaining Pippa" or maybe even a few rude words that I wouldn't possibly know how to type seeing as how sweet and innocent I am...

Anyway. I decided to use a photo from Fathers Day when the whole family drove down to Margate to watch the airshow that is part of the Big Event that they have every Fathers Day weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day and we set up camp on the beach when this happened.

Typical British Summer.

Typical British Summer

Go see what everyone else linked up with this week, it's always fun!

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