Making Chores Fun - The School Run

There is one chore that Big Boy and I tend to do five times a week, 39 weeks a year and so it can get a little repetitive. Just like tidying the garden, this is an outdoor chore and one which we even set up a Twitter account to remind us to go and do every day. I am of course talking about the School Run and if you want a reminder (or four) to do the School Run you can follow the Twitter account at School Run UK.

So what do we do to make sure that our walk to and from school each afternoon is exciting and fun? Well, lots of things. We might pretend to be Airplanes and walk up the road with our arms outstretched making Airplane noises or we might see how far we can hop! On bin day we love to use the green bins to read numbers out loud but our favourite way to make the school run fun is to spot shapes on our walk.

A SquareA Circle
A TriangleA Rectangle

It's amazing what you can see on a short walk. On our walk (the time that we took our camera) we saw a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. What amazes me more is the ease at which Big Boy can name these shapes (and many others), how he is the one that spots them and how excited he is when he finds a new shape on his list. And just because I can, here is a quick video of Big Boy talking about the shapes he found.

Video can be seen at

Do you have as much fun as we do on a School Run?