On A Stick - A Review

I received a copy of the book On a Stick to review.

When Daddy and I were getting married there was only one thing that Daddy insisted on having at our evening reception and that was cheese and pineapple on sticks. You see Daddy, like me, knows that all food tastes better on a stick. When I saw the blurb for the book in my email, I had to ask if I could have a copy because I know a few stick dishes, but this book promised eighty recipes and that is a lot of meals and snacks on sticks.
On a Stick promotional shot

As is normal these days when a cookery book comes into the house, both Top Ender and Big Boy have a read through of the book and start pointing out dishes that they would like to have and make. In fact the pictures in this book made the food look so tasty that it wasn't just Top Ender and Big Boy who went through this book, but Daddy too and so even though we had already been shopping we all made our shopping lists for the ingredients we would need and headed off to the local supermarket.

We made corndogs and spiral chips and breaded mushrooms (all funnily enough on sticks) and served them for everyone to enjoy as a treat dinner.

Corn Dog and Spiral Chips on a stickMushrooms on a stick

I finally had a corn dog after years of reading about them in books and seeing them in films, everyone enjoyed them and as they were naturally gluten free even Daddy thought they were a nice once in a while treat (deep fried isn't a regular treat now is it?!). The spiral chips are something I would do again for special occasions or just as a special treat for Big Boy and Top Ender, as they took seconds to prepare using a tool I got with my Mandolin Slicer a few years back. The breaded mushrooms were fantastic and were something that Daddy has really missed since being on a gluten and wheat free diet and the recipe worked really well with the gluten free ingredients, so well that Daddy has made the mushrooms a few times since!

Yes, there are some recipes in the book that really shouldn't be on sticks, (I for one will not make meatballs and spaghetti on a stick) but the number of other recipes that caught my eye mean this quirky book isn't one to pass up the chance of getting. With easy to follow recipes and methods and great pictures this is a great book to get for the foodies that you know.

The book has an RRP of £10.99 is written by Matt Armendariz who is well known in the Food Blogging circles (Come on even I knew who he was!) and is published by Quirk Books.