Ten Things About Me - The Just Woken Up Version

I got tagged in a blog post (ages ago sorry and so decided to vlog my answers (again ages ago, like a whole month ago)... so erm watch this!

(Video can be found at http://youtu.be/2gLhpGfr5js)

I understand that there are going to be a few questions so here are the answers to the questions going through your head right now...

Yes, I am a little crazy. 
Yes, I am only wearing a Pyjama top in this video.
Yes, I did find it amusing to wave my middle finger at you for a little while.
Yes, I ramble.
Yes, I have no shame.

So tags to Emma, Vic, Sally, Jen, and the Mystery Blogger... Rachael! What you have to do is dead simple, just tell us ten things about you that we didn't already know and you can vlog it, sing it, write a poem or other stuff!