Top Ender Giggles - Memory of a Goldfish Part 2

On Fathers Day, we took our annual pilgrimage to Margate to watch the Air show that is part of the Margate Big Event. We tend to do this every year unless the weather man tells us that it is going to be super wet and the planes that we want to see won't fly. All was going well as we set up camp on the beach with some hired wind breakers and the children set to work creating sand castles and digging a big hole.
Sandcastles on the beach

About an hour after we had set up camp, Daddy looked down the beach and saw a rather ominous looking black cloud progressing towards us. We had two options; We could ride out what we hoped would be a short shower (but knew was going to be much heavier and longer) or we could leave our camp to find shelter in the town.

We decided to try to ride the storm out.

We quickly packed everything up in to the rucksacks we had brought with us, we built up the sand walls on the back of the wind breakers, we went and hired a waterproof sun umbrella, we put on our coats and prepared one area of our camp for us to huddle together to try to protect ourselves from the rain.The rain hit. It was cold and windy and that fine rain that causes everything to get soaking wet in a few seconds. After a few moments, Big Boy got bored of sitting on my knee waiting for the rain to stop and decided to have a run about in the rain.

Big Boy dancing in the rain on the beach

Top Ender was still sat with Daddy and I, and as we looked around at everyone else that had hunkered down we started to laugh. There was something terribly British about us all on the beach in the rain and despite it being cold and wet we knew that this was something we would remember.

"Just think" said Daddy pausing for effect before continuing "In years to come we will remember the day we sat on the beach huddled together trying to stay dry in the rain!"
"Yeah!" said Top Ender whilst I laughed again at the sight before me. There was a pause before Top Ender asked  "When was that again?"

Daddy and I are still giggling about it now.