The Last Word Meme

Over at Him, Me & Three Heidi decided to tag me in a meme that she received in her email as she thought it would be fun. You know what? She's right! So I present to you The Last Word Meme...

The last -

Thing you ate - That would be my dinner which was Sausage pie and some Mac and Cheese from Amy's Kitchen. It was yummy and rather good for my tummy!

Sausage Pie

Text message you received - From Daddy, telling me that he wasn't dead just busy!
Film you watched - That would be Paul!
Song you listened to - Miss Mouse song from Show Me Show Me as Big Boy sang it to me.
Book you read - Friends, Lovers And Other Indiscretions by Fiona Neill
Programme you watched on TV - I'm just watching it now it's Lie To Me.
Live concert or performance - Top Ender's concert!
You cried - Today, my knee was really hurting. 

Thing you bought - A new head for Big Boy and Top Ender. Don't ask.
Thing you lost - My wallet on Saturday gone, turns out it was in the car all along.
Gift you gave - I left a little gift for Daddy on his phone.
Great bargain - Dinner out at Red Hot World Buffet the other day.

Red Hot World Buffet

Time you said "I love you" - About two seconds ago to my husband!
Time you were starstruck - Erm two weeks today when I meet Keith Allen, yes I am predicting this...
Holiday you went on - When I went to The MAD's last year!
Website you looked at - Other than my fantastic blog and that of Him, Me & Three? Well that would be the list of Mummy Bloggers at Tots 100 and I was at Glowstars and Who's the Mummy? tonight too.
Bit of good advice you received – who was it from? - "Go to bed soon" from Daddy.
Admired someone and why - There are so many people that I admire, but I am going to show my religious side again and say President Thomas S.Monson because I was reading through the talks from the 181st Annual General Conference earlier today and I was just so Molly Mormon about it all.

So who to tag? Lets go with....