Dad - The Gallery

The Gallery theme this week is in honour of Fathers Day this Sunday and is therefore all about Dad's. I have so many pictures of Top Ender and Big Boy with their Daddy because he is a hands on father and I like keeping my camera in my pocket...

The Gallery logo

There are the pictures of the children sleeping on his chest when they were first born, pictures of him carrying them when they got tired, pictures of him playing with them, bathing them, changing a nappy, making them drinks, making them lunch, eating with them, creating pieces of art with them... all the things that hands on Dad's do.

Top Ender and Big Boy take after both of us, but I can see clearly the bits that they get from their Dad. They both have his eyes and they do look like him, especially when they are rolling their eyes at something silly I have done. To me and our children Daddy is everything a Dad should be and even though this isn't the best picture it's shows that Daddy isn't afraid to join in, to be the kind of Dad that he wants to be and that is why I love it.

Family Fun

I know that you will be reading this, so I just want to say on behalf of Top Ender and Big Boy (and for me too!) Thank you for being a brilliant Dad.