Fairy Family Fun Day at Hampton Court Palace

We got fed, and free car parking and a goody bag and I am sure something else but the best bit that we got from this day was spending time together as a Family.

During the half term Fairy invited Top Ender, Big Boy and I down to Hampton Court Palace for a Blogger sports day/ Mini Blogger Olympics, we were excited to go as I went to University just round the corner (St Mary's) and so for me it's my old stomping ground. Many a weekend was spent walking round Home Park and looking at the deer! We knew we were on for a good day when we arrived as we heard "Your Mum is cool because she blogs!" being called out to us from a rather excitable Junior Saunders who then also gave Tops and BB magic crayons (and you all call me crazy)!

The day involved, face painting (BB was a pumpkin, Tops was a Fairy), egg and spoon races and luckily for us some rather yummy food and if we had had the time, we could of gone round the house at the end of the day too. Unfortunately for us we had to get back home so that I could go to work and so that Daddy could come home from work!

We do use Fairy Washing Up Liquid at home (the green one, because I like to sing the Fairy song) and probably always will, as it was the brand that Daddy and I grew up with our families using. I know it sounds stupid but for people my age (and older) Fairy is a family product. We either wanted the bottle to make a water squirter out of, or a rocket (a bit Blue Peter there eh?) or something else as exciting.

And even for me now, I want Tops and BB to have independent Garden play but I know that they need to be supervised and so the best answer for me is to watch them whilst elbow deep in the kitchen sink doing the dishes! You can pop along to the Fairy Facebook Page and give them a like and have a look at some other photos taken on the day... I really do suggest that you take a quick trip to the bathroom first though as a few of them are rather amusing!