Red Hot World Buffet - A Review

What do you do when you have decided to go out for dinner, but nobody can decide on what type of meal to have? Well, if you live in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area it's quite simple you pop along to Red Hot World Buffet in the theatre district which serves Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and then everyone is happy!

Red Hot World Buffet

We had called ahead and placed a reservation for four, for later that evening as Daddy and I have been before and we knew that it could get busy at peak times. We arrived a few minutes before our reservation and the restaurant was quite quiet, which was quite good as my booking (and the couple in front of us) had been recorded down on the wrong day! We were seated within a few minutes after waiting at the desk where several employees were standing trying to ignore the queue forming as it wasn't their job to seat us... not a good start.

We barely had enough time to open the drinks menu before a waitress was with us to take our order, and she let us know that we could order a pitcher of a mocktail or of water if we wished, but knowing that Top Ender and Big Boy would be most happy with squash we ordered two squashes and two lemonades for Daddy and I without looking in the drinks menu. Whilst the waitress went to get our drinks we went up the the buffet to choose our food, and it was only then that we saw that other families had ordered things like fresh orange juice, or fruit shoots for their children so we knew that there were the usual favourite soft drinks available to order as well as a large selection of alcohol.

Red Hot World Buffet Instructions on a Table Mat

The idea of the buffet is quite simple, you walk around the different dishes, which are clearly named, and serve yourself a bit of what you fancy. There are a few chefs around the outside of the food area who will cook you a dish from the made to order pasta station, made to order noodle bar, made to order Chinese Stir fry, a grilled fish counter, a chargrill area, an Indian dancing wok and a fruit flambe area too. We didn't visit them this time, but we have in the past and it is great to be able to have food cooked freshly for you and professionally too.

As is normal for children when presented with a several different choices they went for what they knew and so Big Boys first plate consisted of Prawn Crackers, Chips, Yorkshire Pudding, Peas and Carrots, Roast Potatoes and a slice of Pizza! Top Ender was a little more adventurous and went with Roast Potatoes, Roast Beef in Gravy, Chips and Ketchup, Steamed White Rice, Sushi and a little Vegetable Spring Roll! Neither Daddy or I minded that this was what they chose to eat, after all in a World Buffet you can eat what you like! Nobody says that you can't mix different cuisines up or just focus on one that you like the most which is what Daddy and I did with Daddy choosing lots of Curry and Pilau rice and me choosing lots of Chinese dishes. I did say that I was going to try Oysters this time, but once again I forgot and left without trying them.

Pudding was a prolonged affair with jelly, mousse, ice-cream, apple crumble and custard, chocolate brownies, cake squares, and lots and lots of sweets and fresh fruit. Big Boy has said that if he goes again that he is going to skip the main meal and go straight to pudding, but I think that when he remembers he can eat what he likes in any combination he is going to forget!

The buffet in Milton Keynes has a sign outside the front door with prices and times for lunch and dinner.

Red Hot World Buffet Milton Keynes Opening Times and Prices

Lunch runs Monday to Friday between 12pm and 3:30pm and on Saturday and Sunday it is between 12pm and 4pm. Prices for Monday to Friday are £7.99, Saturday it is £8.99 and Sunday it is £9.99.

Dinner runs Monday to Thursday between 5pm and 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday between 5pm and 11pm and on Sunday it is between 5pm and 10pm. Prices for Monday to Thursday are £12.99, Friday to Saturday is £14.99 and Sunday it is £12.99.

Children under ten are half price, because I guess they eat half as much as an adult...

All in all this is a great place to visit for a variety of foods. The foods are clearly labelled as Gluten free and Vegetarian and the dishes are all Halal too. It's a great place to try new foods, eat your favourites and eat as much as you want for a reasonable price.