A Mothers Ramblings: Making Chores Fun - Tidying the Garden

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Making Chores Fun - Tidying the Garden

I'm a gardener who although likes to sit in a well manicured garden doesn't actually have any gardening skills... I'm not sure why but Big Boy and Top Ender love to try to help me and their gardening skills are even worse than mine. I can at least tell the difference (mostly) between a weed and a plant! Understandably Big Boy and I get bored rather quickly when its just him and I out in the garden and so making this chore fun isn't just a case of keeping him amused with small chores whilst I do the hard work, like when we do the washing it also needs to keep me happy too! 

The other week I decided that enough was enough and that I should get out into the front garden as it was having the opposite of kerb appeal to our house with a mass of weeds, dead plants and more than one pile of leaves from last Autumn...

A Tidy Front Garden

So how to make it interesting and fun for everyone? The first thing that I did was ask Baby Boy what jobs he wanted to do. He was quite interested in pulling out some weeds but more interested in chasing the leaves around the driveway and so that is what he did. With his mini broom he swept and swept the leaves whilst I timed myself to see how many weeds I could pull out in a set amount of time. It actually only took twenty minutes to make the front garden look a little more manicured and a little less erm not manicured...

The only thing that I guess we have to do now is to keep up the maintenance. Anyone got any tips on how to do that then?!