Animals - The Gallery

The gallery theme this week is Animals. I thought about posting a picture of the concrete cows here in Milton Keynes, or even the Wooden Cows that we found in Geneva. I thought about the elephants that we went to London every week to find last Summer or even the hundreds of pictures of animals in wildlife parks, Zoo's and farms and even ones we have seen in the wild when we have been on walks and rambles in the local area.

Instead though I thought I a picture of Top Ender from a few years back would be more fun.

Top Ender the Easter Bunny

As you can see Top Ender was a chubby little Baby and she loved to smile for the camera from a very early age. One Easter I decided to take a few photos for posterity and took the above snap. She loved it, she sat there surrounded by chocolate with her bunny and wearing her bunny ears and grinned. The ears fell off at one point but she just giggled and sat there smiling for the camera.

I look at Top Ender now and think how amazing it is that the baby in this picture became the girl I see today. I take her for granted at times, I know I do. Tops picks up toys and hugs her brother when only she is the one that will do. She takes things to the kitchen and runs upstairs to fetch me things I have forgotten. She looks at me believing that I know everything and when I look at her I see her growing up before my eyes morphing into this beautiful young woman.

Top Ender growing up

I don't think that I say this enough but Top Ender (yes I know you are reading this I see you have this blog bookmarked on your laptop and your bedroom PC) I am so very proud of you and I love you so very much. Please don't be in too much of a rush to grow up, enjoy the times we have together as much as you can.