Father Christmas at Harrods

Last year when my sister and I talked about our Christmas Traditions we talked about booking tickets to go and see Father Christmas. It was decided by my Sister that she was going to try and see him at Harrods, as it was something that she would love to start as an annual holiday tradition for her and her family. As I hate going into London during December I didn't try to book tickets I know from previous years that Harrods at Christmas is amazing, with the whole store being themed. Last year the theme at Harrods was a Vintage Christmas in celebration of J.M.Barries Peter Pan and my sister confirmed that walking through the store was amazing.

The actual Santa visit resulted in the first family photograph of the entire family together, some gifts from Santa and lots of fun and made me just a teeny tiny bit jealous, as the whole thing cost just a £5 booking fee! That's right other than the booking fee, going to see Santa at Harrods is free (and the £5 is credited back to your rewards account to be spent in store before the end of the year).

Family Photo with Harrods Santa 2010

Seeing as my Sister and I are both Harrods Rewards Account Holders we might just both book to see Santa this year. You will have to be quick to join us though, as you need to sign up for a Rewards Account and the grotto booking will be opening in just a few short days!