What to do with Leftovers - Gravy

In our house we have a couple of gravy fanatics, and so during the colder autumn and winter months we will have quite a few meals that use gravy in some form and of course we have it every Sunday when we have our Sunday Roast. For me the issue comes when we have finished with the Gravy, there always seems to be some leftover no matter what quantity I made in the first place! Luckily though I have a few ways to use up the gravy  as waste not want not!

Leftover Gravy

The first option is to freeze it in ice cube trays. When Big Boy and Top Ender were small I would often do this and then could add an ice-cube of gravy to their home made dinners. Now that I don't have to worry about making Baby food I still freeze some left over gravy and then add to rice to give it a bit more flavour. You can also do this with noodles and pasta, just make sure that you aren't adding a sauce as this sometimes makes the sauce taste funny. 

It doesn't have to be frozen to be added to a meal for flavour though. Adding gravy to home made soup can give it a depth and a deeper flavour.

Everyone knows that leftovers are lovely in a sandwich, and the same can be said for Gravy. I like open top sandwiches with gravy drizzled a little over the top!

If you have a lot of leftovers from a meal (I'm thinking Sunday Roast here) then you could serve the vegetables and the gravy together the next day and make a new meal with the base from yesterdays meal.

If you are planning on using the gravy in another meal you could make a Casserole, or a pot roast, or a pie or even add it to Meatloaf. As with any leftover make sure it is all heated to an even temperature when you recook the food.

Poutine is a French Canadian junk food/comfort food that can use up leftover gravy quite easily. I am sure that I don't make it the right way, but it tastes delicious! Take a bowl of chips and scatter some fresh cheese curds over (I can't get fresh cheese curds all the time so cheat and use grated cheddar) and then pour on your hot leftover gravy. The cheese melts and the gravy and the chips all fuse together to make a really stodgy but tasty dish.

Or if you are Top Ender you could always drink it!