An Update/Confession/New Leaf - Your Shape

When I was sent the Xbox at Christmas to help with increasing the amount of exercise that I do I was full of great plans about getting up early, going to bed a bit late, having time to myself during the day to exercise and I was really fired up. I got over the wire not being long enough and even worked out how to position my furniture so that I could have the needed amount of space to exercise in and even managed to get up before Big Boy a couple of times to get a bit of early morning exercise in. And then life started getting in the way. I stopped exercising, I stopped trying my hardest to fit it in and I put on more weight.

Me as a big red blob on the Your Shape screen

There are so many fantastic features on the game, extra downloadable content and ways for me to see my goals but if you haven't got the time to exercise then it doesn't matter how great the content is, how amazing the graphics are or how amazing it is to see you in the game instead of an avatar because you aren't using it for anything other than collecting dust.

So what to do? How can I make sure that I keep to my goals? Well, with Emma's wedding less than a year away and the Vic looking amazing it has helped me focus on my goals again.

I don't want to be fat, I want to be healthy.

I want to try on clothes with a size that starts with a 1. I would quite happily settle for 18 at this point (I want to get to a 12 or 14 ideally)

I want to set a positive example for my children.

I can do this, I know I can but I need help to do it. I need some cheerleaders shouting me on. Anyone up for the job?