The Open Air Film Festival in Milton Keynes

It's no secret that I love Milton Keynes. There is a lot going on here for families to have fun doing and despite what a lot of people think there are a lot of green spaces, (many of which have featured in posts of family days out or family activities here at A Mothers Ramblings) and a lot of those green spaces are managed by The Parks Trust. The Parks Trust are a fantastic organisation and put on regular events through the year at various Green spaces, but it is the Open Air Film Festival at Campbell Park in August that gets us here excited the most.

Every year a cinema screen is set up, in Campbell Park (near the Shopping Centre) and over the weekend six films are played out to the gathered audience. A few years back we went to see Grease with Top Ender and Big Boy and this year if the weather stays fine we are hoping to pop along to a few films over the weekend. We are really looking forward to introducing Top Ender and Big Boy to Back to the Future and hope that they will love the film as much as Daddy and I do!
The Open Air Film Festival Schedule

Just in case you are in the area come and join in, the event is free and it is great fun to watch a film in the outdoors. Just remember to bring a picnic blanket and a picnic to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy!