Making Chores Fun - Clean the Bathroom

I like to try to keep the house clean (if not tidy) for the family and making the various chores fun isn't just for the benefit of Top Ender and Big Boy but for my benefit too! I am sure if I worked out just how long I spent cleaning, doing the dishes or shopping I may pass out from shock as I am sure the number of hours would be longer than I spend asleep. Then again that might just be a reflection on how much sleep I get! Cleaning the bathroom is one of my most satisfying chores and using the e-cloths (that I reviewed as part of my Green Clean Challenge) means that the chore doesn't take long.

Every morning whilst I am in the bathroom I give the bathroom a quick wipe over to keep things looking fresh. I find that this only takes a few moments but seeing as I am in the bathroom anyway it makes good sense and keeps the bathroom looking clean. I know that with an e-cloth that you don't need to use bathroom cleaner, but I like the smell of bleach and so once a week I use my "old methods" of cleaning the bathroom whilst Top Ender and Big Boy are in the bath. I get to clean the toilet and the sink (I do the floor once a week when I do the kitchen floor) whilst supervising bath time and we normally have a little giggle singing daft songs too.

Top Ender and Big Boy help out by using bath crayons and drawing all over the bath and the tiled wall around the bath. This gives them something to do before I can help them wash their hair and also means that when they have finished in the bath and they have to wipe away all the crayon the bath and the wall will be all washed down too!
 Bath Crayons on the wall to help encourage the children to help clean up

Having fun whilst cleaning the smallest room of the house has built a lot of memories for Top Ender and Big Boy and I am sure that it will continue to do so for many more years to come!