Starting School To Do List

This coming school year is the last year that I will have Big Boy at home with me, as in September 2012 he will be starting school. I asked on my facebook profile what people thought I should do in this last year with Big Boy at home and had some emotional responses about how this time will fly by and some great suggestions about things we might enjoy doing together. I already knew that this time was going to pass in what seemed a heartbeat, as it doesn't seem like five minutes has past since I realised that Top Ender would be going to school and now she is getting ready to start year three.

Top Ender and Big Boy

Having read some of my friends responses from my facebook question, I knew that there was so much that I wanted for Big Boy to learn and to experience before he goes to school. Big Boy and I talked together about things that he might like to do and we talked again with Daddy and Top Ender about things that we think that someone should experience and created a bit of a to do list for Big Boy to achieve before he starts School in roughly a years time. We thought we would share the list here as we know that we will be sharing our adventures here too! And here is our list;
  1. Learn to Swim
  2. Learn to Read
  3. Learn to Write (own name at least)
  4. Learn to tie shoe laces
  5. Make sure BB can get dressed on his own
  6. Watch all episodes of Dora
  7. Go to a theme park and go on all the rides
  8. Walk to the top of a really small mountain (or a really big hill)
  9. See the sunrise
  10. Watch the sunset
  11. Laugh so hard that we cry
  12. Feed Animals at a Farm
  13. Drive a Car (BB want's to not me! I can do it any time I want!)
  14. Spend the day on the beach
  15. Swim in the sea
  16. Stay in a hotel
  17. Go fishing
  18. Find Frog Spawn
  19. Have his own library card
  20. Learn his address
  21. Learn his home phone number
  22. Be a superhero for the day
  23. Have a day of eating food of one colour
  24. Learn about mixing colours
  25. Read as many books as we can
  26. Stick, paste and draw as many pictures as we can
  27. Finger paint and run bare foot through paint
  28. Make as many cakes or cookies as we can eat
  29. Swing on the swings and make your feet touch the sky
  30. Visit Father Christmas
I am sure that Big Boy and I will do more than this in our time together this year, but do you think there is anything missing from our list to make the most of our time together? What did you do to make sure that you were ready for your children to start school?