A Merry Unbirthday (Just Because We Could)

It had been one of those days where everything was wrong and the only way to make it better was cake. Big Boy seemed to misunderstand the purpose of the cake as he wanted candles on the Birthday Cake, even thought it wasn't anybody's birthday. So I started plotting an Unbirthday treat for the next day just because like with our fake Christmas we celebrated last year we could! Luckily Daddy understood that out of the 365 days of the year that 361 of them were our joint Unbirthday's and the next day just happened to be one and that was an Unbirthday worth celebrating!
We started the Unbirthday at Sunday Lunch when both Top Ender and Big Boy were presented with Unbirthday cards. I have a large selection of Birthday cards which were easily converted into UnBirthday Cards by writing "Un" in front of Birthday!

Unbirthday cards - a family fun activity

Top Ender and Big Boy loved these cards and enjoyed the thrill of getting to celebrate something which normally passes without recognition. Dinner was eaten with high spirits, even more so as we had some new napkins which made it look like we were super rich and using bank notes to gently dab our mouths as we were eating!

Money Napkins
They look real don't you think?

After they had finished their meals and had let their food go down (we chatted as a family at the dining table) they each got an Unbirthday gift of some stickers. After all it wouldn't be a proper unbirthday with out an unbirthday gift to mark the occasion! Top Ender used hers to decorate a lunch box that she is planning to use at School next year and we think that she did a good job and it will certainly remind her of her Unbirthday throughout the year.

Top Enders Lunchbox decorated with her Unbirthday stickers

So far everyone was loving the Unbirthday days treats and the day before which had seemed unbearable, suddenly seemed very far away! We carried on our Unbirthday by having an afternoon tea of the Gluten Free cake from M&S (it was a very nice chocolate and cherry cake) before Top Ender and Big Boy had a bath and got ready for bed.

A Marks and Spencer's Chocolate and Cherry Gluten Free Cake - a fun family treat

Once Top Ender and Big Boy were in their pyjamas they had a special bed time treat of toast and hot frothy milk from the Meno and everyone agreed that today was the best Unbirthday ever. I think that the next time everyone is feeling a little down that we will have another Unbirthday just to cheer ourselves up!