An Idea For A Night Out #Sponsored

I was chatting with some of the playground Mums before School finished last night and we were chatting about having a night out together. Several of us are in the same position, where our partners either work late, work away or are non existent. It makes going out hard, there are only so many babysitters around and if we can ever manage to get them all to sit for us all the same night, there is always something else happening for one of us that means we miss the night out.

PippaD all dressed up on a night out

Then I had an idea. I know, it doesn't happen all that often but when it does happen they're good!

What would happen, if instead of going out for our night out, we all stayed in our own houses.

Yeah, sounds boring right? That's what the other Mums thought, until I explained my idea a bit further. What if we all joined a group conversation online, all had our favourite tipples (I'm loving Sparkling Water and Crushed berries at the minute) and then played some Bingo together online?

Suddenly, the night out at home was sounding a lot better and all the other Mums thought so too. In fact we're started planning other nights out at home too. Like, we could all watch a movie at the same time, or a TV show, we could have a karaoke night, we could all just have a good group natter one night or even a talent show (which I'm secretly quite excited about!).

The point is that we will have a good night out at home together, nobody will have to worry about getting home and most importantly none of us will have to sort out childcare, so we'll all be able to make it.

I received payment for this post, which I'll probably use to buy all my friends a drink with on our night out at home.