Crystalised Awesome

BB has blood tests at the hospital once a year to check for various things that could cause complications to his Diabetes, or that are often found after a Diabetic diagnosis. On his last test, they discovered that BB had a mildly elevated Cholesterol level. The Doctor and the Dietician went to great pains to explain that this wasn't a huge cause for concern and that it was only because BB had Diabetes that we knew about his Cholesterol level being slightly higher than normal on the scale. 100 other children BB's age could have a higher level than BB, but because they don't have regular check ups or even any blood tests to check for their cholesterol we don't know.

Anyway. I decided to have my Cholesterol tested too. The Doctor decided to run a few more tests at the same time, just to cover all the bases. I went to the Doctors, had my blood test and was told to call a few days later to get the results. "Don't worry" said the Nurse who took my blood "They only send a letter if there is something wrong"

Two days later and there was a letter on the mat, asking me to call my Doctor with regards to my recent blood test. I, of course, called the Doctor straight away and was told that she was actually on Annual Leave, but that it wasn't urgent and the Doctor could call me the next day.

Around two hours later the Doctor called me. On her day off.

It was at this point that I was a little scared. If a Doctor is calling you on their day off then it's one of two reasons. Either, they have no life or there is actually something wrong. The Doctor was quick to reassure me that there wasn't any immediate danger. She asked me if I drank Alcohol, but when I told her I was teetotal due to my religion she paused for a second. Apparently if I drank alcohol it could have been responsible for whatever the issue was.

PippaD doesn't drink and yet still dresses up like a wally every now and then

My Cholesterol level had come back as being a little higher than normal on the scale (it was actually lower than BB's!) but there was something in my blood work up that she was concerned about, in fact looking back over my last few blood tests over the last few years she could see that this particular result had been a little odd for a while.

Nothing like prompt investigation huh?

So, the Doctor booked me in for a Scan. I did a bit of consulting with Doctor Google and figured that I was going to be diagnosed with Gall Stones. I wasn't surprised, if I had a higher than normal cholesterol level and of course as we all know I'm obese and a woman then the odds are of course quite high that I'll develop them. Apparently it's estimated that more than one in every 10 adults in the UK has gallstones, although only a minority of people will develop symptoms.

I've joked over the last few weeks however, that it is because my level of awesome is so high that it's throwing out the blood results that are confusing my GP.

I am pretty awesome.

PippaD and Top Ender (this is PippaD's favourite picture of her ever)

So I had my scan last night.

The Doctor carrying out the Scan was firstly impressed that my children were playing Chess together, (Apparently it's educational) and not killing each other. She made small talk with me whilst covering my belly in jelly and then started scanning and prodding and probing and taking pictures of my innards.

"Does this hurt, when I push here?" she asked at one point
"No... let me guess, now you're going to tell me it should!" I joked
"Well, no... actually yes. This should be causing you at least some discomfort if not a lot of pain"
"No, nothing... maybe I have a really high pain threshold?!"
"Hmm. Maybe"

A few minutes later and the Doctor asked if I could hold my breath whilst she took some other scan picture things. I obliged, breathing in and holding and then breathing out when she told me.

"If you can't hold it, just breathe out when you have to"

I continued holding my breath. A few moments more passed.

"Okay and you can breathe out now!"
I grinned at the Doctor, "The one advantage to having sung for so many years is that I can hold my breath for ages".
"I'm tempted to time you, that was at least a minute just then"

PippaD and Big Boy

Of course, you're expecting me now to tell you that I have Gallstones and that she told me her opinion was that my gallbladder will need to be removed.

However, I'm not going to tell you that.

Firstly it's not confirmed and so if I did tell you that and then I didn't have to have it removed you'd all think badly of me.

PippaD and Family

Secondly I've decided that I don't have gallstones, I have Crystalised Awesome and whilst I understand that they will probably need to remove my Gallbladder all should be okay, my levels of awesome should still be really high and all will be well!