Finally! I Can Share My Secret!

A few months ago, the daughters of one of my friends sent me an email inviting me to a Birthday Party for her Mum. It was going to be a Masquerade Ball and the most important part of course was that it was a surprise. This at the time seemed a brilliant idea (and it was) but I didn't realise how hard I was going to find it... not because I didn't want to keep the secret from my friend (I did want to and I did manage to keep it too!) but in order to keep it from my friend I couldn't post about it on Social Media.

So I couldn't post a picture of my mask.

I couldn't post a picture of the dresses I liked and wanted to buy but needed advice on which one.

I couldn't ask about suggestions of how I would wear my hair.

I couldn't ask for help of how to do my make up.

Do you know how hard I find making decisions? I need advice because I'm so rubbish at making choices and deciding what looks good!

In the end of course I made the choices that I had to make, got myself a dress, worked out how I was going to wear my hair, managed to get my make up sorted and fixed Top Ender's mask (as she was quite insistent that I wear it) and I think I looked fairly good!

PippaD in her Mask and Cocktail Dress

PippaD in her Cocktail Dress

The whole event was a complete surprise for my friend and Daddy and I had an amazing time celebrating her birthday with her and our mutual friends and of course making some new ones too. The evening was spent chatting, eating a rather lovely meal and of course there was a lot of dancing!

The Masks PippaD and Daddy wore

I'm so glad I can finally share this secret. Would you have been able to keep it? And what do you think of my Make Up and Dress?!