Levels of Awesome - Big Boy Giggles

Most of you will know that I go to Church each week. Top Ender goes with me and was baptised last September, but as of right now Big Boy and Daddy both stay at home unless something special is going on that we either ask them to attend or they ask to attend... like Primary Presentation or The Nativity or even in the case of Big Boy whenever we have a Munch and Mingle because boy does that child love a Munch and Mingle.


The other morning whilst walking to School, Big Boy was explaining levels of awesome to me.

Big Boy and Top Ender on the way to School discussing levels of awesome

The most awesome person in the world is Heavenly Father, because he is our Heavenly Father and listens to our prayers and is just awesome. The next most awesome person is Jesus Christ, because he helped make the world and died for us. Then there is the Holy Ghost, who helps us by whispering when we need help. Then there is you Mummy and then the rest of the world.

I'm rather pleased that I made the top four, I think I'm in good company too!