Never Mind Diamonds, Jeans Are A Girl's Best Friend! #Review

I love House of Fraser, I know you already knew that because, well I used to work there and I've mentioned my love a few times on the blog on my instagram feed before. The dress that I wore to my friends Surprise Birthday Party for example was from House of Fraser and I was surprised that I was able to find a good quality dress in a plus size that I actually liked!


A few weeks back, House of Fraser asked if I'd like to try something from their plus size range. Even with me losing weight, I'm still plus sized, but I had been waiting to lose a bit before buying new clothes, because I didn't want to have to restock my wardrobe every dress size.

The one thing that I really needed was a pair of Jeans, mainly because my old pair were so big on me I didn't need to undo them to take them off, and they were, (as jeans always do on me) wearing rather thin at the crotch and thighs.

So I took a risk. I ordered a pair of jeans in a size smaller than I was currently wearing and waited.

The jeans arrived and I put them on.


PippaD in her new Jeans

Honestly I don't think I have ever been so ebullient about a pair of jeans before.

Then I got Daddy to take a picture of me wearing them. I looked at the pictures afterwards and cried because I looked so terrible.

PippaD not realising she looks terrible in her new jeans

But I carried on wearing them, I felt good in them and I'd had two compliments about my posterior whilst wearing them.

And then just a couple of weeks later, when I was sitting at the hospital, I realised that there was stretching on the seams on the inside seam and they weren't looking good. In fact they were looking like I'd had them for months and worn them dozens of times instead of the maybe five times over two weeks that I had worn them.

Pulling of the inside seam on PippaD's new jeans

Now of course this didn't have to be because of fault with the material. It was more likely to do with the fact that I have fat thighs and they were just too big for the jeans. The fit everywhere else was just fine, so I'm a bit sad that my thighs are fatter than other people who wear these jeans!

So are jeans an essential part of your wardrobe or am I the only one who loves to wear them both for dressing up or when dressing more casually?

I was able to choose anything I wanted from the HOF Plus Size range.