The First Week of March

March started off, for us at least with some beautiful weather that made us truly glad that Spring was on the way as it would mean more Sunshine, some beautiful flowers in the garden and hopefully a lot of walking now that the weather was a bit nicer! Of course the very next day it Snowed. Honestly it was the freakiest thing walking to School in the snow when just the day previous I'd been wearing a T-shirt and considering finding my long shorts!

The First Week Of March

The week started with Daddy commuting to Birmingham daily for the week. With Crufts being on, it made the Hotels in the area jolly expensive, which is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things and did mean I got to eat dinner with Daddy every night which is a rare treat.

Tuesday I got to hang out with my Mum. We went to the Laundrette and had a good giggle whilst waiting for her washing to dry and I did post saying I'd knocked something off my bucket list... my bucket list is really boring or so it seems!

Washing in the Launderette Machine

My Mum and I took my sister's dog out for a walk to some local woods. I've never really walked a dog before and was really worried that I was going to end up having to chase the dog all over the woods to get her back on the lead, but just like my sisters children her dog is very well behaved and came back to me when I asked her to.

Poppy the Labrador

The rest of the week passed in a bit of a blur of the usual after school clubs, family time and general chores and of course, you've seen the Bernard Matthew meals that we were challenged to make and hopefully you've seen my post about the Surprise Birthday party I went to!

PippaD all dressed up

 All in all it was a brilliant week!

The First Week of March Has Had me Decluttering

Mainly my living room! I have a terrible habit of creating piles of "junk" all around the house and I feel like I'm always going round and getting rid of these! As soon as I've got rid of one I vow not to make a mess again but a few weeks pass and then I'm cluttering up the space with my junk again and then having to clear it away again!

Still, the good thing is that at least when I do get round to clearing the piles away that it makes the house look tidy!

Rather disappointingly I didn't get to read anything this week or create anything but I did cash out £100 on Swagbucks, which I'm putting away for Christmas (or possibly for a rainy day) and I call that a rather lovely win for me!