Little Dish Bigger Kids Fisherman's Pie #Review

The children do love my cooking.

Honestly, they do love my cooking. However, when Little Dish asked if I could get the children to try out their new Bigger Kids Fisherman's Pie the children were quite excited and readily agreed.

They do love my cooking right?

As normal, the ready meals looked amazing and I quickly set to work heating them up in the Microwave, as we were running short of time and I didn't have the longer time needed to cook them in the oven.

Little Dish Bigger Kids Fisherman's Pie

The Bigger Kids meal is about giving older children more chunkier textures (and portions) and the pieces of pollock and salmon are just that. They are then covered in a cheese sauce and mixed with petit pois. The topping is a mixture of potato and vegetable mash, which is how I normally sneak extra vegetables into the children's meals that I make from scratch.


The children loved the Fisherman's Pie. Top Ender loved it because the flavours were a good blend (according to her) and whilst she missed the boiled egg that I put into the Fish Pie I make she knew that this was a good substitute.

Little Dish Bigger Kids Fishermans Pie out of the packet

Big Boy didn't say much whilst eating the Fisherman's Pie because at the rate he was shovelling the food into his mouth, he wasn't giving himself enough time to breathe let alone talk! At the end of the meal however, he said that he had really enjoyed the meal and could he have it again next week?

I believe that Top Ender and Big Boy were both quite taken with the pie and I think that other bigger kids will like it too. I also think that we'll be able to keep up with a monthly Little Dish treat for Big Boy and Top Ender, as long as they keep up with their good behaviour!

We were given two portions of the pie in order to review it.