Daily Scripture Study

Every morning, after the Children have got up, washed and dressed and are finally ready for School we start our Morning Scripture Study. We had tried doing it before they got dressed, but the Children are a little like me and need a little time to wake up before they are ready to face the day, let alone ask and answer questions based on things they have read or watched.

Top Ender and Big Boy snoozing whilst listening to me Read

At the moment, we are studying the Book of Mormon and we'll have finished by Easter and then we're going to move on to the New Testament, then the Old Testament and we'll finish the year with Doctrine and Covenants. This was just the order that I pulled the slips of paper out of a hat rather than any clever order or with any plan in mind!

Each morning, after we have prayed for understanding of the Scriptures we are about to read, we read a section of Scripture and watch a video on LDS.org on what we have just read. Then together we ask questions about what we have read, how we can apply the principles to our own lives or why we think this information was included in the Scriptures for us to read so many years later.

We have a think, and then a discussion based on our thoughts and then we each jot down our thoughts in our notebooks which are just for our morning shared Scripture Study. The Children are also rather like me and like to have a lot of notebooks. I mean seriously we each have a LOT of notebooks. Anyway, we say another prayer and then we finish getting ready for School, or our weekend.

Whilst we are finishing getting ready, I normally put on a few music videos. Sometimes they are songs that I'm trying to learn for Primary, or songs that are what we're going to be singing in Family Home Evening this coming week. Other times they are favourite songs of Top Ender, Big Boy and I or just songs that we like the name of!

The best thing about this Daily Scripture Study isn't that we have managed to do it everyday since the start of January. It isn't even because finally the Children and I are becoming familiar enough with the Scriptures that we can talk confidentially about them.

A Family Scripture Study Selfie!

For me, the best thing about our shared Family Daily Scripture study is that the time we are spending together each day doing this, sharing our thoughts and ideas about what we are reading is giving us a great start to the day.

It's calming and centring us.

It's allowing us to remember what is important to us and our family.

It's letting me hear my Children's thoughts about what they are reading.

It's helping us all to develop a testimony of the truth of these Scriptures and an understanding of how we can apply them to our lives.