DC Super Hero Girls Giveaway!

As you know, here in the AMR household we love our cartoons and BB and I are big fans of the DC Super Heroes. It was only once Top Ender saw some of the action filled animated series of a group of Girl Super Heroes finding out about their unique powers and forging friendships that she began to see the appeal.

Luckily we are all now fans!

Don't me wrong this series isn't just for preteen girls, there are a range of characters that everyone could see themselves in or aspire to be like... a character for everyone if you will!

BB has been making the most of the DC Super Hero Girls Youtube Channel to watch clips and find out more about the different characters. BB has added it to his Youtube subscriptions and is watching different videos when he has free time, it's quite cute hearing him hum the theme tune when he's in the Shower!

Whilst Top Ender has been watching videos and playing on the DC Super Hero Girls website. There are a few different games and free downloadable activities which have been keeping Top Ender amused in her free time, but I'm loving the drawings she has been doing trying to master drawing her favourite characters!

And here is the best bit about this, a DC Super Hero Girls giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To be 100% clear, I'm not hosting the competition, I'm just letting you know about it!

This is a Giveaway that I've been sponsored to host, and you will probably find several other bloggers hosting the same giveaway, but come on, I couldn't not let you all know about a £100 Visa Gift Card giveaway could I!?