What We Are Eating W/C 19th March 2016

I'm so proud of the Children this past week, they have been champions in coming up with meal ideas that are easy to make so that they can help out more taking turns to make meals and an added benefit of this, it's been balanced meals which are also good value!

Sausages and Crushed Potato Mash with Chives

I know the Children have been discussing about how they can help me with my diet and I think that this has been so thoughtful and generous of them as I haven't asked them to make any special allowances since the first week when I was trying to break all my habits at once!

So, this is what we are eating this week.

Saturday - Sausages and Mash

The Children love sausages and I know that Daddy loves making the Sticky Sausages with Apple, but I've asked if he would make something a bit simpler tonight because well, I don't want to be jealous!

I really miss Sausages. Anyone got any calorie free Sausages they want to give me?

Sunday - Roast

As always, Sunday is our day for a Roast. Well for Daddy and the Children anyway. I'll let Daddy decide on Saturday what Roast he wants, but I have already worked out that it's going to be Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Cheese because I know Daddy really, really well!

Again, I'm just sad that I won't be eating it because it's one of our favourite family meals!

Meatless Monday - Pizza

We love home made Pizza, if you couldn't tell! As you can tell I'm running out of ideas for budget Veggie meals that I know the Children will eat and like.

Anyone any suggestions? I want to stay away from high carb meals like this Pizza and Pasta if possible!

Tuesday - Fish Balls!

Since Feb, I seem to ahve been a bit lack with giving the family fish dishes, but tonight we change this! Basically I'm planning on making Fishcakes, but instead of making them fish cake shaped I'm going to make them into little balls.

I'll serve it with plenty of veg and a little Salad and might even attempt to make a Sweetcorn relish.

Wednesday -  Chicken Nuggets

I'm going to make tonight a little bit of a treat night and let the Children have what they think of as Junk food. I'll make some Chicken Nuggets and serve it with home made fries (well home made oven baked Chips) and my baked beans.

My baked beans are lots of different beans simmered gently in chopped tomato with a little chopped Coriander (Cilantro) thrown in too.

Thursday - Gammon Pasta

The Children loved this when we had it last time, which is great because this is one of the meals I remember my Mum making for me and my Sister with great fondness.

All I do is grill some gammon slices whilst the pasta is cooking, cut the gammon into strips and stir into the pasta along with a can of condensed soup (or just plain old Chicken soup) and add in what ever vegetables I feel like. This week, I feel like Pepper slices, Onion and possibly some Mushrooms.

Good Friday - Fake Away Kebab

Good Friday is a really important day in our house, because it is the day that we as Christians know Jesus Christ to have been crucified. For some, it is a day of fasting and penance, but here we normally have a light meal because between all the Hot Cross Buns we've been eating during the day!

As Daddy will be home with us today, I'm going to pass cooking duty over to him and I have a feeling that he'll be most happy with my Fakeaway Kebab suggestion!

Fake Away Kebab

So that's what we are eating this week, what about you?