My Inspiration Dress #MyStyleMyDress

One of the suggestions that my Sister/Cambridge Diet Consultant made when we first talked was that I should get an inspiration outfit. The idea of an inspiration outfit is that I buy something new, something that I want to wear, something which inspires me to lose weight and to continue losing weight until I'm at my goal weight/size. The outfit is supposed to be something which every time I see hanging in my wardrobe inspires me to try hard that day to stick to my diet, to walk and exercise more.

It's supposed to inspire me, I'm supposed to want to buy it, hence why it is called an Inspiration outfit.

I did buy myself an Inspiration Outfit, it was something cheap and to be honest, it's almost identical to the kind of outfits I wear now. Even though I love the outfit, it's so similar to what I already wear that I wasn't really feeling that inspired by it. In fact, I've pulled it out twice thinking that it is an outfit that I do regularly wear.

And then House of Fraser asked if I'd like an Inspiration dress from them, from their Women's range.

They asked if I'd like to have a size 14 Vero Moda Boxy Shape Mini Dress.

Vero Moda Boxy Shape Mini Dress from House of Fraser

Well, I thought. It would certainly be something I'd be working towards.

Now I would have posted a picture of the dress in front of me like all those girls doing the A4 paper challenge, however.

I missed my delivery and so I rearranged it. And I missed it again.

So I rearranged it once more, I paid for delivery for it to come on Saturday just gone. I even bribed my husband to stay whilst I went to a Baptism with the Children.

And the delivery team forgot to deliver my parcel.

Yeah. I was not amused.

Even more so because, for the rest of the week Daddy, the Children and I had/have plans which means I'm not going to be home during the day.

So, watch out for an Instagram when I do finally get my hands on the dress and watch out for me wearing the dress later this year... there will be another blog post I'm sure!

I was sent the dress in exchange for this review