What We Are Eating W/C 26th March 2016

Apologies if you have come for any ideas about meals this week, because this week we're eating really oddly and we really don't have any ideas about what we are eating!

Yes, I know that it is Easter Weekend, but honestly with my diet going quite well I don't want to curse myself and yes I am going to be eating a little different as of Sunday but for reasons that will be clear later this week, but we aren't doing anything overly fancy this week! This week I'll be going on to Sole Source + and this is where you get to eat one 400 calorie meal a day in addition to the Shakes. So expect some instagram images of my meals this week.

Saturday - Scampi and Chips

The other day when I was shopping in Tesco, I found some Gluten Free Scampi. So despite the almost extortionate cost, I purchased it and I thought that it would be good to have it for a meal tonight, as the Children are going to be a little full from lunchtime when we were at a friends baptism!

I have some non gluten free Scampi for the Children and of course, I'll be on the Shakes today and tomorrow I'll be eating some food!


Easter Sunday - Roast Sausages

Traditionally we have Lamb on Easter Sunday. However, Daddy and I decided that due to my diet, this year we'd do something a little different.

The Children and Daddy are going to be eating Roast Sausages as Daddy decided and it's his favourite.

Roast Sausages with Crushed Potatoes

I'm going to have a mix of Vegetables with a little Protein. Either Tinned Tuna, Some White Fish, Prawns or Chicken.

Meatless Easter Monday - Cheese Salad

The Children and their Daddy will have a Cheese Salad today, because today is Meatless Monday, as well as being Easter Monday. They will more than likely also have some nice bread to go with it and knowing the Children and my husband, they'll also have some Easter Egg!

Now, I will be having a Cottage Cheese Salad and I hate Cottage Cheese. Seriously, I really hate Cottage Cheese. The fact however that I am looking forward to eating Cottage Cheese proves one thing and one thing only.

I must be blinking desperate to eat if I'm willing to consider Cottage Cheese.

Tuesday - A Meal Out

We're going to a restaurant tonight. Actually, that might not be true. We might be picnicking in the park or by a lake or a Harbour.

You see, today we're off out on an adventure so we figure we'll work out what we're going to eat when it's almost time to eat.

I however, will be sticking as closely to the 400 calorie meal I can have, which means a salad and some form of protein. Maybe I'll finally stop dreaming about eating Chicken!

Wednesday - A Meal Out

In case you haven't guessed, Daddy has a few days off whilst the Children are on their Easter Break and we're making the most of it.

Again, at the moment we have no idea where we're going to eat so I'll be sticking closely to the plan I'm on and the rest of them can eat what they like.

Well within reason!

Thursday - Omelettes

We're planning on being out most of the day today and so when we get back I figure we're going to want something warm, filling and quick.

Omelettes it is, apart from for Daddy because he can't eat eggs without getting sick. He can have burgers or erm, I dunno. Bacon Sandwiches.

Friday - McDonalds

We're off out again this evening. So we're going to be eating out again. I think that this time the Kids will be asking for a McDonalds, because we'll have been forcing them to have good food on the other nights!

It's fine by me however as I'll have the Grilled Chicken Salad, minus the Tomatoes!