Dieting, The CWP and Me

I'm on a diet. Yeah, I know I've said that so many times in the past it's almost unbelievable. However. This time I actually wasn't going to blog about it. I wasn't going to mention it on Facebook, I wasn't going to Tweet about. I wasn't going to even put a single image on Instagram. I didn't want people to know officially that I was on a diet, until I'd reached my goal weight, or I was a lot closer than the eleven/ten stone away that I was at the start of this diet.

In part it was because I was worried what people were going to say about me being on this diet. The diet I've chosen, is the Cambridge Weight Plan, (CWP), and well it's rather extreme as far as diets go as it is what is known as a Very Low Calorie Diet, (VLCD).

On the first step, a step known as Sole Source, you just drink these special Cambridge Diet Shakes three times a day (Four for some people, and I've been told if I need four on any particular day then it's okay for me to have four). Which means that I take in around 400 calories a day.

A typical day of Shakes on the CWP

Yeah, see like I said it's rather extreme.

The only people who knew I was on this particular diet, was my Family, my Mum, my Sister and one of my friends from the School Run who had been on this diet in the past. My Sister and Mum had been on this diet with some success (so much so in the case of my Sister that she became a Consultant) and a few friends that I know have been too, and well when you've been dieting on and off for years and still weigh roughly the same it gets a bit grating.

So I knew I needed to do something extreme.

It started as a bit of a joke with Daddy, at the start of February.

What are you giving up for Lent? He asked one evening.
Food. I replied.

We both had a good giggle over this and I said that I couldn't really, because I had almost forced us to eat Fish ever day for February, I couldn't then just stop eating the Fish dishes myself. However, we agreed that as soon as February was over, the plan was that I was going to give up food and live on Diet Shakes as part of the Cambridge Weight Plan.

So on February 29th, the first day of February that we weren't eating Fish (as it was a Meatless Monday) I started my three shakes a day diet and got weighed in.

I was 20st 13lbs.


And a week later? Just a measly 7 days later?

I was 19st 13lbs.


The diet, was working.

So I've decided that I will talk to you all about what is happening in my life, about my diet, about my weight loss.

I mean, we all love a good weight loss story don't we?

PippaD particularly happy after her CWP weigh in and realising she'd lost 1 stone in a week!

Oh and Yes, my Sister is my Consultant. She doesn't know I've written this blog post and until I tell her (If I tell her!) She probably won't know that I've written this blog post or any of my subsequent posts, because as much as she loves me she doesn't read my blog all that often. 

She much prefers to talk to me and be a part of my life to find out what is going on with me and my family!