The Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

Every Easter, it seems that my Children get Chocolate Eggs left, right and centre. A few years back I was proud of this, people wanted to give my Children a treat because they are adorable, well mannered and because they are loved.


Daddy and I were talking and we realised that it almost seemed that the Children forgot the real meaning of Easter and were instead thinking on it as an indulgent Chocolate fuelled weekend. Which for us as Christians, it isn't.

Oh hang on, before we go any further.

Top Ender, if you are reading this post then stop RIGHT NOW.
This is your last warning, you know I will know!

Right, now that's taken care of, on with the post.
This year we decided to do something a little different.

This year we decided not to go with Easter Eggs (although I'm bowing to pressure and we're all having one Egg each), but instead have a gift that would last longer AND more importantly, wouldn't still be sitting in my kitchen almost a year later.

A Chocolate Chicken from Easter 2015

Yes, that Chicken was from last Easter.


Top Ender was easy to sort out. We decided to take her love of Owls and Handbags and get her a bag and I've got a book or two to put in there too.

BB was a little harder.

We thought about Board Games such as the ones in the image below from University Games.

Boardgames from University Games

And we have got a Family Board Game for us as a family this Easter (it's one of the above, but I'm not saying which!) but we decided that BB would probably want something different. Something just for him.

I loved the Dinosaur Eggs from the Natural History Museum Shop and with BB's love of Puppets this could have been a winner, but BB seems to have outgrown his Dinosaur collection.

We thought about getting him a Console game, but to be honest I don't want to spend a fortune on a game he is going to finish within a couple of weeks as he is getting far too good at completing games these days!

Daddy however will more than likely talk me into getting a console game unless I can come up with something better, so I'm appealing to you all to help me come up with some ideas for non chocolate Easter gifts for BB!