Packed Lunches W/C 25th June 2018

Another week, another set of lunches almost identical to the week before! This is the last of the "freezer" sandwiches so next week will be a whole new range of ideas, like the Sunshine Yellow Summer Solstice Lunch Box Idea!

Sunshine Yellow Summer Solstice Lunch Box Idea

Monday - Pizza Muffins

The children loved these last week, as did a few Governors who were surprised that you could make Savoury muffins, as I turned up to the meeting with them to snack on having remembered I'd not eaten all day just as I was leaving the house.

I'll serve these with flavoured water and Cucumber sticks, as they can sometimes be a little dry when eaten cold, fruit and yoghurt portions with some crushed biscuits that I've made and thought would be a good topper!

The muffin is both the carb and part of the portion of Veg/fruit. The cucumber and the fruit is the other part of the two portions of fruit/Veg that I like to have in each lunch box. The yoghurt is the dairy and the protein.

Tuesday - Chicken Tikka Wrap

Again, the same as last week as I have made the Chicken Tikka Wraps and put them in the freezer, ready for putting straight into a lunch box. I added a little spring onion and chopped celery to the Chicken along with some Mayo and have a healthy portion in the mini wraps. I will send the children to school with a little pot of salad leaves and some other veggies (Carrot, cucumber) to add to the wrap before eating.

The Wrap is a carb, the Chicken is the protein and the Salad is one portion of their fruit and veg. I will also send both children to School with a portion carrot and cucumber sticks and a small bottle of milk and a milkshake straw to use if they wish.

Wednesday - Sandwich Sushi

Same as last week, as these are rolled ready in the freezer!

I'll also send the children to School with a pack of Popcorn, some hummus and carrot sticks and a small portion of a mousse type pudding that I've made along with a bottle of Fruit Juice.

The sandwich sushi is both the carb and part of one portion of fruit or veg, the protein comes from the hummus along with the rest of the portion of veg and the dairy is from the rice pudding and the fruit juice is the other portion of fruit or veg.

Thursday/Friday - To Be Decided!

I suppose really I should do a football-themed lunch for England is playing Belgium this evening, but well I don't want to really! I'll have a good think, and come up with something before Thursday so that I can buy any extra's that I need.