Evening Meals W/C 23rd June 2018

I was so out of sorts yesterday that despite working out what we were going to eat for the week, I didn't properly write it down or even go shopping to buy the food... So this morning I'm doing those jobs as well as preparing for a slightly impromptu hang out session that Dan Jon has organised at our house for his friends later today.

Dan Jon being all cute and one with nature

With all that in mind, here's what we're eating this week.

Saturday - Take Away Night

Once a month we all get to pick a meal that we want to eat, sometimes it is a ready meal, sometimes it is something that we really fancy (and is easy to put together) and other times... well other times I'm sure will one day actually be a "proper" take away.

Sunday - BBQ

I figured seeing as how the weather is so beautiful at the moment we should make the most of it. We have some meat in the freezer that I stocked up on a couple of weeks ago (it's actually defrosting in the fridge right now) and I'll team it with a salad and some veggie kebabs to do on the BBQ too.

Monday - Seafood Pasta

I'm going to make a tomato sauce using some canned tomatoes and passata (and garlic!) and toss in some seafood from a fish pie mix.

Tuesday - Chicken and Salad

A quick meal and a favourite, it's also carb free which means Dan Jon and I will be testing Basal rates this evening.

Wednesday - Gnocchi

I am not sure what we're going to have with it, I think my favourite in recent months was the pea and mint Gnocchi, so probably that!

Thursday - Pork Chops

Flyfour picked Pork Chops, so I thought we'd have them tonight with applesauce and plenty of Mashed Potatoes.

Friday - Spanish Night!

We're trying different meals from different countries each Friday night (had you noticed) and so this week we're having Spanish food. Is it lazy to just make some Gazpacho, and tapas?!

So that's what we are eating this week, how about you?