Leighton Buzzard Children's Trail

I grew up in Leighton-Linslade. I know the High Street as well as I know, well as well as I know anywhere I guess and so when I heard about the Children's trail, I knew that eventually, we'd get round to doing it, I just didn't know it would take so long!

The plan was that Top Ender and Dan Jon would follow the map to work out where each clue was and that Flyfour and I would just be the back up as we went quite late on a Saturday night and the pubs were full of people.

The route starts at the Leighton Buzzard library and finishes...well just up the road from the Leighton Buzzard Library, which is handy when you park at the Library end of town.

Top Ender On the Leighton Buzzard Children's Trail

There were a couple of clues that we couldn't find, mainly because I forgot that Peacock Mews gets chained up at night so that you can't walk through, and there were a few drunks hanging about one fo the clues, so we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves!

The walk was brilliant fun and we discussed a lot of the books we knew the clues were from as we were walking around the trail, and even checked out the list of books on the website to find out a few more that we didn't realise were linked to the trail.

Top Ender and Dan Jon On the Leighton Buzzard Children's Trail

We agreed that we'd do the trail again in the summer, but before we did we'd listen or read as many of the books as possible so that we'd know all the links the next time... and of course we'd go when we'd be able to actually access all the clues.

So, if you are around Leighton Buzzard during shopping hours, and looking for something fun to do, make sure you have a walk around the Children's Trail and give me a heads up and I'll come round with you!