Evening Meals W/C 9th June 2018

Every week when I think about what we are eating the next week, what plans we have for various clubs and activities etc I am always shocked at how soon each week is coming round. I'm not sure if it is because we are busy, because we are happy or because of the speeding up of time but whatever the reason here is my meal plan for the coming week and you can imagine me with a shocked face!

A Home Made Nando's with Chicken, Wedges, Coleslaw and Potato Salad

Saturday - Build your own Burgers

Top Ender and I may be out this Saturday afternoon/evening, so I figured that Burgers would keep the boys happy and possibly also allow us girls to have what we wanted if we're home in time to eat too. If we aren't going to be around, then Top Ender and I would be quite happy with a picnic supper of sandwiches or pasta or the like!

Sunday - Chicken Roast

I must say that the children and I are really enjoying the roasts that Flyfour is cooking for us each Sunday and we are very excited about this one as we know that we have a secret pudding planned for us to all share afterwards.

Monday - Beans on Toast

I know, it's boring, but it's also cheap and everyone loves it. Even me and I don't like Baked Beans that much!

Tuesday - Mac and Cheese with Garlic Bread, Salad and possibly bacon bits!

The other night when the children and I ate pizza together, I added a portion of salad on to their plates, coleslaw and a few other veggies I had that needed to be eaten (chopped veggies that I'd been using in lunches). The meal was absolutely HUGE, my kids loved it, which is why we're going to do that again tonight, but with Mac and Cheese instead of Pizza.

I'll make a second smaller batch of gluten-free pasta for Flyfour, and we'll just share the same GF Sauce.

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken, with Salad and Wedges

Yes, I'm making the most of the cheap meals at the moment (but having a big blow out on Friday!) but it's also because meals like this are so easy to make and perfect for sun or rain!

Thursday - Omelette and Salad

Dan Jon is not going to be happy, but a carb free meal is just what the Doctor ordered. No seriously, he did the other week, he asked us to have a few carb free meals to check Dan Jon's basal rates and ratios were correct.

Eggy Bready, which looks like an Omelette but isn't!

As Flyfour doesn't eat eggs, I'll give him leftover chicken from last night.

Friday - Crispy Shredded Chicken and other homemade Chinese Dishes

Flyfour asked for the Shredded Chicken to be on the meal plan this week, so I thought I would also add a few other of our favourite make at home Chinese dishes, so Beef in Black Bean Sauce, some stir-fry, some noodles, some egg fried rice and knowing how much my two love Prawn Crackers, plenty of them!

So that is what we are planning on eating this week, what are you eating?