The Baptism Talk - Candy Floss Edition

Sometimes I think I'm going a little bit crazy because I write a blogpost and swear that I've had it published, but I look over my published posts and it is missing. Which is what happened when a friend recently asked for a copy of my Candy Floss talk that I gave what seems like ages ago and I couldn't find this here post! Apparently, typing the title of the talk was enough for me, well until now! I based this talk on the object lesson Meck Mom talked about in her video back in 2016 and have it here in case you want to give something similar at a Baptism you are asked to speak at.

John the Baptist baptising Jesus Christ colouring page
Good Afternoon <Insert Name>.

When the Missionaries asked me if I would talk about Baptism at your Baptism I was really excited. And then I got really worried. I got worried because I've got to know you quite well and I know that you already know all the Baptismal Covenants that you are going to make today!  And so I didn't want this talk to be really boring for you by talking over everything that you already know.

So I thought back to my Baptism day, and other baptism's I've been too and that led me to think about the covenants, the special promises that we make and it led me to think about the times that I’ve made mistakes and accidentally broken the promises I made. 

And then I thought about Candy Floss.

When you think about Cotton Floss what is the first thing you think of?

It's yummy right?

<To Parent/Grown up>When you think about cotton candy what is the first thing you think of?

It's sticky and can get messy right?

And right now you’re all thinking, Sister Pippa is having one of those crazy moments again, just like she does during Primary, just what has Candy Floss got to do with my Baptism?

Well, life is rather like candy floss. It’s fun and exciting and we want to experience it and we want more of it!

Today when you are baptised, you will agree to a special covenant, a two-way promise between you and Heavenly Father.

You agree to: 
C- Keep the Commandments 
A - Always Remember him 
N - Take upon you the NAME of Christ, It is a really special feeling. 

At some point in the future though, you might make a mistake. You might accidentally break the promises you make today or do something wrong that means you have to repent. You might want the ground to open up and you just DY on the spot.

This is again just like when we are eating Candy Floss.

Sometimes it gets sticky and messy and we need to get cleaned up! 

It’s okay though, because when we eat Candy Floss and make a mess we have wet wipes (Pull out wet wipes) which we can use to clean us up and make us all fresh again. Heavenly Father sent us here with something like wet wipes, something that can help us be perfectly clean again like you will be after your Baptism.

Every Sunday you can partake of the Sacrament and it’s a chance to renew your covenants and repent and get clean again. 

We do make mistakes, but it's okay because we can learn from this and as long as we remember to think on the covenants you are making today we can be forgiven and move forward again.

I do hope that you enjoyed this talk as much as the young man who was being baptised did... although I think he may have enjoyed the Candy Floss more!