What We're Eating W/C 30th June 2018

Just so you all know, I wrote this incredibly quickly last Sunday, just before I started my Social Media Fast. Why? Well, funny enough Blogs are considered Social Media because of the community that builds up. Now, I know that writing a blog post wouldn't be breaking the rules, but I wanted to ensure I wasn't tempted!

Pippa is on a Social media ban header image

Anyway, here is what we are eating this coming week and please forgive any mistakes you spot, I had five minutes to write this, because I only just remembered!

Saturday - Fish and Chips

Flyfour makes the best gluten-free batter, so we'll get him working on that this evening.

Sunday - Roast

It's Sunday, Top Ender and I will have been fasting so we'll be starving and Flyfour makes the best roast dinners!

Monday - Fish Pie

I really fancy a proper fish pie, with Prawns and everything!

Tuesday - Pasta Bolognese

I say, Pasta, because I can't remember off the top of my head if we have Gluten-free Spaghetti in the cupboard already! I do know I have all the other ingredients in my freezer or pantry, however.

Wednesday - Veggie Curry

I love making a Veggie Curry, as I just throw everything into a big pan and let it simmer away. Yummy!

Thursday - Lasagne

The children will be thrilled. Me? Well, less so because I have to make the thing!

Friday - Mexican Night

Dan Jon requested Mexican. Mainly because he wants Taco's and Burritos for our meal and he thinks I might get Flyfour to make some more Churro's!