Packed Lunches W/C 11th June 2018

A few months back, (I just checked it was October 2016 that I last did it, so more than a few months ago!) I provided both Top Ender and Dan Jon with a packed lunch every day. I loved doing it for them, working out the number of carbs in a meal for Dan Jon, ensuring that they both got the different sandwiches or other carb based foods that they liked and you know sneaking in the occasional treat. When Dan Jon swapped to Hot Lunches at School I was so upset, but it was his choice and I'm a firm believer in letting the children have responsibility for themselves!

I did suggest to the children, however, that for the last part of the term they swap back to packed lunches so that they could make the most of the weather. At Dan Jon's Primary School, the children can eat their packed lunch on the School field during nice periods of weather and well, it was also a bit cheaper!

Everything is GREAT

Last week, was the first week and I bulk made a few lunches for the freezer for them and purchased a few weeks worth of "extras" like pudding pots, sweet treats, popcorn etc. Mainly this was just in case I wasn't here one morning, as I'm currently on standby for looking after one of my friend's daughter when my friend goes to the hospital to have her baby!

Anyway, here is what they are eating this week.

Monday - Smoked Salmon/Ham and Cream Cheese Bagels

Top Ender loves a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel, Dan Jon does not. So he gets a slice of ham in his bagel instead of a slice of smoked salmon and then everyone is happy.

The Bagel is a Carb, the Smoked Salmon/Ham is the protein, the Cream Cheese is Dairy. Along with two portions of fruit and or veg and a bottle of water, my two are happy as Larry. Who is apparently very happy.

Tuesday - Chicken Tikka Wrap with Salad

I have made the Chicken Tikka Wraps and put them in the freezer, ready for putting straight into a lunch box. I added a little spring onion and chopped celery to the Chicken along with some Mayo and have a healthy portion in the mini wraps.

I will send the children to school with a little pot of salad leaves to add to the wrap before eating.

The Wrap is a carb, the Chicken is the protein and the Salad is one portion of their fruit and veg. I will also send both children to School with a portion carrot and cucumber sticks and a small bottle of milk for Dairy.

Wednesday - Sandwich Sushi

I honestly love Sandwich Sushi. It is so easy to make and fun to eat. I make it by rolling out a slice of bread until it is thin, and then either buttering or using cheese spread to cover the bread. I'll add chopped carrot and cucumber into bread and then roll before cutting into bite-sized pieces.

Tasty Sandwich Sushi

I'll also send the children to School with a pack of Popcorn, some hummus and carrot sticks and a small portion of rice pudding along with a bottle of Fruit Juice (watered down a little).

The sandwich sushi is both the carb and part of one portion of fruit or veg, the protein comes from the hummus along with the rest of the portion of veg and the dairy is from the rice pudding and the fruit juice is the other portion of fruit or veg.

Thursday and Friday - Special End Of The Week Lunch

On a Thursday just Dan Jon has a packed lunch, Top Ender gets a curry (or similar) at School and on a Friday, just Top Ender has a lunch as Dan Jon has Fish and Chips at School. This way, they both have the same, just on different days!

I always tried to make the last packed lunch of the week a "special" one, so this week they are having;

Tuna Pasta Salad!

Yeah, doesn't sound special, does it? Wait until you see it, however!

I will spend a bit of time on Wednesday, cutting out veggies and slices of cheese into shapes (using my star and flower shape cutters) to put into the pasta and I'll add in some Sweetcorn too. It'll look and taste amazing.

I'll also add to the lunchbox some homebaked cake and allow each child to pick what drink they want from the stash and if they want an additional piece of fruit or pack of popcorn they can add that too. The only stipulation, of course, will be no fizzy drinks, but if they want a milkshake or fruit juice or flavoured water then they can go with it!

The pasta is the carb, the tuna is the protein, the cheese the dairy, the veg in the pasta will be two portions worth and the cake is a much-needed treat.

So, that's what the children will be eating this week!