The Roundabout Date Night

As is usual in our household, there are times when we work together like a finely oiled machine. There are other times, when, well, when we don't.

One Tuesday evening as I was taking Top Ender to her Youth group, Flyfour gave me a call and let me know that he had a flat tyre, well actually it was a ripped tyre not a flat tyre and he was going to be late home. He didn't have a spare tyre and so was waiting for a Recovery Truck to come to rescue him. The worse news for him was he was just over a five-minute drive from home.

Flyfour's Ripped Tyre

As the evening progressed, various events conspired to mean that come 9pm he was still sitting at the side of a roundabout just outside Leighton Buzzard. I picked up Top Ender, dropped her and Dan Jon at home, with the strictest instructions to go to bed, that I would check in on them via the security cameras we have in our home, grabbed some food and drove to where Flyfour was sat.

Together we chatted, ate the snacks I'd packed, watched the world go by, drank our drinks, counted the number of Police Cars that went by and wondered what all those cars that drove past us thought we were up to.

It was a fab evening and a rather unexpected and unusual Date Night, but one which hopefully we won't need to repeat, but plan to recreate in the future, minus the tyre damage!