11 weeks to christmas, so I could lose 22lbs...

If I lose 2lbs a week for the next eleven weeks, I could be a stone and a half lighter just in time for Christmas. I know this will be tough, but I think that it is a good focus point for me, as it is close enough to not discourage me, but far enough away that I will work at it.

This will of course throw everything in to chaos as my Christmas outfit won't fit.. unless I buy something new that is a little too small. The problem then is that I wouldn't want to eat much over the run up to the Christmas period as I would be worried about putting on weight and my outfit not fitting... what is a girl to do?

I think that I will go with an outfit at the last minute that fits. That way if I do lose an extra lb or two then it won't matter as it will still look okay!

With my impacted wisdom tooth having been taken out last week I am not eating properly as the stitches are causing me worry (yucky!) and the bruising on my jaw is terrible! This has caused a beneficial side effect that I am sure wasn't in the recovery fact sheet.

I am eating less.

Not only am I eating less, but I am having to make sure that the nutrients that I need are in the foods that I can eat. I am using Meal Replacement drinks, which I used in the past and had good success with, and I feel that I am having success this time too. I am a walking milkshake at the moment!

Tin of SlimfastI am probably going to carry on my "enforced" diet for a little longer than strictly needed to get the most benefit of this. I was told the stitches would dissolve within two weeks, but I should be able to eat properly after a week. I will keep to the mostly liquid/soft foods diet for the two weeks of stitches and a further week after that to let my stomach shrink.

So with my weight this week standing at 19 stone my plans for this week are;

Meal Plan

Breakfast: Meal Replacement Drink (Slimfast to you and me!)
Lunch: Meal Replacement Drink
Monday: Cheesy Beans and Mash
Tuesday: Soup and Dipping Wholemeal Bread
Wednesday: Beef Casserole (it will be all tender so I won't need to chew much!)
Friday: Pizza (hopefully my jaw will be better, if not Pasta!)
Saturday: Soup and Dipping Wholemeal Bread
Sunday: Soup and Dipping Wholemeal Bread
Snacks this week will be yogurt or mashed fruits (my jaw really hurts!)
Exercise Plan
Monday through Saturday: 30 minute walk, ten minutes of weights, and 20 minutes following my online plan each day.
Sunday: Two hour walk, ten minutes of weights and plenty of family fun!