Top Ender Giggles - They said what?

In the summer we went to an Open Air showing of the Film Grease and Top Ender loved it. The soundtrack has made its way into the car, so we can listen to it there and it was only when we started listening as a family that Daddy and I realised just how grown up this film is and began dreading the day Top Ender asked for clarification on the lyrics.

We were listening and singing along to the song "Greased Lightning", for those of you who don't know these are the lyrics;

Go, greased lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile.
Greased lightning, go greased lightning.
Go, greased lightning, you're coasting through the heat lap trials.
Greased lightning go greased lightning.
You are supreme, the chicks'll cream, for greased lightning.

Yeah, you read right.

What was that last bit" asked Top Ender as Daddy and I stared at each other wide eyed
"Jigsaw cream!" answered Daddy "You know cream that you put on Jigsaws" he added
"Oh!" said Top Ender whilst I tried to silently giggle, but made odd squeaking noises instead
"Jigsaw cream" said Daddy reassuringly to Top Ender and looking at me in a beseeching way.
A few seconds passed when we heard "Huh? Jigsaw cream?" from a whispering Top Ender.