The Parents Evening Worry!

When I was Top Enders age, I remember parents evening as being something that my parents went to, then came home and pretended that the teachers had told them some horrid things about me, before actually confirming that I was on target for what was expected of me.

As I got older, parents evening became terrifying for me, not because I wasn't a good student, but because I hated feeling that I had let my parents down by not trying hard enough. I was not a "Straight A" student, although I always tried hard.

Parents evening now is just as terrifying, because I worry that I am letting Top Ender down by not helping her enough, or by helping her too much!

At our appointment on Wednesday we spent ten minutes looking at Top Enders books and the work she has done with Mrs Wise Owl (that's Top Enders teacher) so far this year. Both Daddy and I were impressed by Top Enders work and spotted confirmation of a couple of areas in her work that we knew that she needs help with.

Then it was time to speak with the teacher.

Mrs Wise Owl let us know that Top Ender is doing well and other than the couple of areas that we had already spotted, she was above average in her work. The only "concern" was that Top Ender constantly hums or sings under her breath! The bit that amuses Mrs Wise Owl is that Top Ender doesn't even seem to realise she is doing it... it is unfortunately a habit that needs to be curbed.

We came up with a plan to help Top Ender and were sent on our way. It was all over and done for another term and a little disappointing, because as it turns out I'm doing all I should and the little extras are showing that Top Ender is thriving on it!

Top Ender with her thumbs up