Top Ender Giggles - Real Food

Top Ender eating a McDonalds Happy Meal in the car
Last night to stop Top Ender and I moping around the house, Daddy took a surprise night off and took us on a long stopped tradition of walking round the local shopping Centre on a Thursday night. Top Ender was starting to feel hungry and so we ventured to the food hall of Marks and Spencers

"As a treat, I'll buy you a Marks and Spencers meal for dinner" I told Top Ender
"But I don't want a Marks and Spencers meal!" whinged Top Ender
"I'll let you choose any meal you want, I won't only give you a few options!" I tried brightly
"But I want real food... like McDonalds!" slandered Top Ender

Just a quick edit, for all those who have no idea what M&S is about, this was a Christmas ad from them in 2006...

Altogether now; This isn't just food this is M&S food.