Losing weight or losing my mind?

For the last couple of weeks I haven't been posting on a Monday, because I should be posting about my diet and the Yummy Mummy with No Tummy Challenge, but things are getting a little bad round here and I think I am going a little crazy!

You see I have been being as good as I can, and exercising and refusing to eat junk and I haven't lost any weight and I am starting to get very disappointed. It got so bad last week that I resorted to comfort eating, which is the reason I put on weight and this is why I started the challenge in the first place!

I have given myself a couple of weeks off, to eat as I want, exercise as I want and just recharge myself. This is the last week of that, as soon as Half term is over I will start being strict with myself again.

I think that it is actually important to do this, I feel that I will get a better result when I return to the diet with a new energy and I think that the cabin fever will of gone too by then!

So have fun this week everyone and I will see you next Monday!