The Smell of Christmas because I don't have a Guest room (Week Seven of The Holiday Grand Plan)

Top Ender leaning into the Christmas Tree looking at the gifts expectantly
Christmas always excites me. Not just because of the gifts and that it is a celebration of our Saviours Birth, but the whole season. The smell, the taste, the feeling and every week as I get my home ready I sense just a little bit of it coming into my home.

This week at Organized Christmas, the Holiday Grand Plan focuses on the Guest rooms and guest bathroom. As I don't have a guest room, or a guest bathroom traditionally this week I like to concentrate on finishing up all the areas we have gone over already. My list for this week is huge, and I am doing it in order of scale!

To start with I need to get the front garden sorted out again. I need to prune, fertilise and clear the area outside the front door that seems to attract mud and dust!

Then I need to move on to my entry and Hall. Daddy needs to paint a bit of skirting board, and touch up a wall but I think I might be waiting for sometime so I shall do it myself this week! It will be nice for Daddy not to have to worry about doing it in his very little time off.

After this I need to move on to the living room. This is a massive room for me as it has so many areas, but I don't consider them to be separate. I am working on it everyday and before the end of the week I should have it cleared and tidy again and ready for the Christmas decorations that will go up in seven or eight weeks.

I will then move on to my Bedroom and Top Enders. My room doesn't need a lot doing, it just needs some things moving into the loft, but Top Enders room is still as cluttered as the Living room! I let her know that we really have to let go of some of her toys because she doesn't have the space. Surprisingly she agreed and the time we spent in her room this week allowed two boxes of toys to be put into the loft (I know!) and a further unit to be passed to her brother.
I am taking it slowly as I don't want Top Ender to feel forced into parting with Toys, but it does need sorting so that she can tidy her room without feeling that I am constantly unhappy with the way she has done it.

This week I also need to carry on with the holiday prep which this week consists of:
*Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.
*Make one extra meal for freezer again labeled HOLIDAY MEAL.
*Buy two canned food items from menus
*Work at least 1 hour a day on homemade gifts.

Also this week I will;
*Continue with Top Ender writing her Christmas cards to the children in her year

And we will continue to;
*Look for Holiday Outfits for the family (Although I think Baby Boy is going to wear a little suit!)*Stock the Mummy Christmas Shop
*Watch one Christmas film as a family a week

My plan for Daddy's gift is coming along nicely and the other gifts that are being made are doing just as well, although I may have to start working on them for more than an hour a day if they are all to get completed in plenty of time!

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